Recycling Process

We are ready to start collecting your empties and paying you cash in return. 10 cents for every container can add up quickly.

It’s Easy!


Collect Your Empties

Collect your Empties

Bring Them In

Bring Them In

We Do The Rest

Easy Recycling

Walk out With Cash

Walk out with cash

A lot of containers are eligible but some won’t be – check out the list on the table below.

Fast and Easy

We have a machine that can sort 400 containers per minute!

But do not crush your containers and no lids or contaminants.

Drink Container

Eligible containers that you can cash in
Bottle Group
Most glasses, plastic, aluminium, steel and paper-based cartons between 150ml and 3L
BeverageContainer Type Whats Eligible
Fruit JuiceAll materials151 to 999ml
Flavoured MilkAll materials151 to 999ml
Soft Drink –Carbonated All materials 151 to 999ml
Soft Drink – Non-carbonated

  • Energy drinks

  • Fruit drinks

  • Sports drinks

All materials151 to 2999ml
Water - drinkable

  • Plain

  • Spring water

  • Mineral water

Cardboard, foil
or plastic packs
or casks
151 to 999ml
All other materials151 to 2999ml
Alcoholic Beverages (non-grape)

  • Cider

  • Plum wine

  • Sake

All materials151 to 2999ml
Beer/Ale/StoutAll materials151 to 2999ml
Pure Spirits - distilledAluminum Plastic151 to 2999ml
Wine - Alcoholic & Non-alcoholic

  • Fermented grapes only

  • Not grape juice

Plastic or foil sachets
151 to 2999ml
Cardboard casks151 to 999ml
Spirit - Based, Flavoured alcohol

  • Alcopops

  • Ready to drink beverages

All materials151 to 2999ml
Wine - Based flavoured alcohol

  • Fruit flavoured wine

  • Wine coolers

  • Ready to drink beverages

Cardboard, foil
or plastic packs
or casks
151 to 2999ml
All other materials151 to 2999ml

Download the eligible containers lists for Queensland Containers Refund scheme.

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