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Whatever your needs, drop in, or phone us, and one of our team of container recyclers located in Caboolture, will try to help out as best we can.

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Caboolture Container Recycling is your local Authorised Exchange Centre. Queensland started its Container Refund Scheme (CRS) on the 1st of November 2018. In 2019, we processed an amazing 26,000,000 containers – proof that we are the fastest and easiest recycler around. We won’t waste your time.

We are ready to start collecting your empties and paying you cash in return. 10 cents for every container can add up quickly.

A lot of containers are eligible but some won’t be – check out what we can accept or give us a call. We have a machine that can sort 400 containers per minute! But do not crush your container and no lids or contaminants.

Things We Can Do For You

We Pay Cash for your Containers


You can keep it simple and we just pay you cash on the spot.

As part of the Qld Government Containers for Change program, we can pay you via a Scheme ID.

This means you can drop in your containers and the refunds are credited to the scheme ID of your choice.This is also a great way to help support local charities and community groups.


While we are excited to be in a business that actually pays money to its customers, we are also incredibly proud of the difference we have made to the environment in Queensland.

The containers we are collect are reprocessed and the materials are used again. This means more local processing, less energy waste and less rubbish in landfill or litter. Reducing landfill can also keep our Council Rates down, too.

So even if you are just happy to cash in some containers for some extra money in your pocket, you are making a difference in a bigger way as well.

Guess What Percentage of Containers are Recycled?

Recycled Containers


We Pay Cash for your Containers


Caboolture Container Recycling was previously known as Caboolture Scrap Metal. We have been recycling materials at our location for over 20 years. We are a local institution with a reputation for friendly and efficient service.

And what keeps us smiling is how much faster we are at processing container refunds than anyone else around.

We now process over 30,000,000 containers per year. 




Drink Container Guide

Eligible containers that you can cash in
Bottle Group
Most glasses, plastic, aluminium, steel and paper-based cartons between 150ml and 3L
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